Vanshaj 7th June 2024 Written Update: Yuvika falls into DJ’s plan

Vanshaj 7th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Boomi worrying about Yuvika. She prays for her recovery. Meanwhile, Yuvika gained her consciousness. She recalls the accident scene and the way DJ made fun of her. The nurse informs Isha that Yuvika gained her consciousness. They are going to shift her to the ward. Chinky touched Boomi’s shoulder. Yuvika noticed herself in the mirror. She is shocked to see her face. Chinky pretended to be Yukti and meets them. Neel asks her why she is here? Chinky says that she heard that Yuvika met with an accident. That is why she came to check her. Arjun says that Yukti is here. She may be happy now. Our Yuvika is inside the room. Neel asks Chinky if she alright? He got anxious when he saw her car met with an accident. Boomi thinks that it’s not possible. Later, Yuvika thinks why did her eye color changed. Why she is looking like Yuvika instead of Yukti. She thinks that she met with an accident. She was Yukti when she met with an accident. How did she became Yuvika again. She recalls the way Boomi warned her that she shouldn’t trust Mahajans. They are planning something big. Yuvika realised that they changed her eye colour. It seems they are going to exchange her with fake Yuvika. They wanted to snatch her identity from her. She doesn’t know what to do?

Chinky says to Boomi that she is alright. Neel says that he saw her car met with an accident. The security informed that she drove the car. Chinky lied to him that she didn’t drive the car. Yuvika noticed that Chinky pretending to be Yukti there. She thinks that they exchanged her with Fake Yuvika. They snatched her identity. All her efforts went into a vain. She can’t understand their plan. They are planning something big. They ruined her identity. But why did they changed her back to Yuvika. Meanwhile, Chinky says that she came to check Yuvika. Boomi says that Mahajans aren’t here. Then why didn’t she mentioned her as mummy. It means she isn’t Yukti. Arjun asks her what’s she saying. She is changing her opinion always.

Boomi says to Neel that something is fishy. Chinky says that she isn’t her daughter. She lied to her that she is her daughter because of her health. She came to check her daughter out of humanity. Boomi says to Neel that Yuvika’s life is in danger. She asks him to save her. Neel rushes from there but Arjun stops him. He isn’t allowing him to meet Yuvika. Boomi scolds him for it. Arjun complaints that she already hurted her a lot. She shouldn’t hurt her anymore. He can’t allow anyone to meet her. The police arrived there. Boomi requests him to save her daughter. He arrested Yuvika. DJ comes there and says that she isn’t Yuvika but Chinky. She did it all for money. Boomi asks Yuvika to speak up. Yuvika revealed the truth to them. She asks Multani to help her. Multani supports Chinky. Boomi says that she is her daughter. DJ and Gargi says that she is fake Yuvika. She did everything for money.

Episode end

Precap; The police arrested Yuvika

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