Vanshaj 8th June 2024 Written Update: DJ makes fun of Yuvika

Vanshaj 8th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Multani saying to the inspector that he don’t know Yuvika. He introduced Chinky as Yukti Multani. Yuvika says that she is the real Yuvika. Yuvika brings the old incidents there to make Multani remember the past. She asks Rose to help her. Multani recalls the way DJ demand him to stand with him or else he will lose manythings in his life. Multani asks Yuvika who will put a deal with his family? Yuvika recalls the way Neel warned her that he isn’t feeling a good vibes with Multani. He will definitely betray her one day. Yuvika feels sorry towards him for not believing him. Neel complaints that he is lying. He doesn’t have any relationship with Yukti. Multani says that Yukti is his family. He adopted her because her parents died in an accident. He has an documents for it. Neel refuses to believe him. Yuvika says that if he can exchange her then it’s easy to create fake document. DJ says that she is a fraud then why she is mentioning his partner as a fraud. Boomi says that she isn’t fraud. Chinky is fraud. Mahajans playing a new drama with them. They changed Chinky as Yuvika first then she changed her as Yukti.

The compounder says that DNA test results came. The police says that DNA isn’t matching now. Neel says that he didn’t give any information to him about her. Then how did he take this DNA test. He says that he asked him to take this test. The police says that she is a fraud. She isn’t Boomi’ daughter. She did plastic surgery. He has an evidence for it. He calls the doctor. He lies to them that he did the plastic surgery to her. She is a business partner to him. She used to enter into rich family and steals the jewels from there. They didn’t catch yet. They were catch today. Neel says that she is Yuvika. Yukti is fake. He can prove it. The security saw Yukti driving the car. Her car met with an accident. The doctor took advantage of her state and did this surgery. Yuvika says that she has an proof to prove that she is Yuvika. No one can tampered it. She asks the police to accompany them. The inspector says that if she couldn’t prove it then no one can save her from the arrest. Meanwhile, the security lies to them that Yuvika drove the car. He informed him about it. He may be confused.

Yuvika gives the diary to the police. Gargi says that she used to don’t write the diary. The police check the diary and says that Chinky’s confession is in it. Boomi says that she is her Yuvika. She pleads with them not to arrest her. DJ says that she isn’t Yuvika but Fraud Chinky. Arjun asks him where is his real sister. He says that she is died in the fire. She won’t return to home. DJ says that she is Yuvika but he snatched her identity from her. She will go to the jail. He will make sure that she won’t come out. She can’t match with Mahajans. He says that no one will cares about her because she don’t have an identity. He makes fun of her. Boomi thinks how will she save her. Koyel and his mother makes fun of her. Boomi says that she is her daughter. She don’t need to worry about anything. She will take her out. She doesn’t care whether someone accept her or not. DJ says that she is not Yuvika but a criminal Chinky. Boomi says that he can’t cheat her eyes. A mom can identify her daughter. DJ says that Yuvika is died. Boomi runs behind Yuvika. The police arrested Yuvika. Neel gets emotional. Yuvika feels heartbroken and glares at the Mahajans.

Episode end

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