Vanshaj 8th March 2024 Written Update: Dj and Gargi shift Bhanu to the ambulance successfully.  

Vanshaj 8th March 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with, Yuvika praying to Lord to show her a way to reach Bhanu. She suddenly gets to hear some noise which feels like a moving streature. Isha hits Yukti and they end up in an argument. Dj asks Gargi and other’s to keep quiet. They lift the steature and start moving Bhanu again. Isha comes and warns Yukti to stay away from Neel and stop falling down. 

Yukti again gets to hear the streature sound. Dj and Gargi successfully bring Bhanu outside and shift him in the ambulance. Dj congratulates Gargi. Yukti runs outside and wonders where they must be and loses Bhanu. Dj would leave in the ambulance while Gargi and the medical staff would be leaving in Gargi’s car so that no one doubts them. Koyel tries to reach Dj but fails to get through. Srishti asks Koyel what’s the matter. They engage in an argument. Since Koyel doesn’t break the story to Srishti, she wonders what must be the issue and tries to contemplate.  

Yukti calls Multani and informs him about the problem. She asks if he got to know anything from Koyel’s phone. Multani asks Yukti to just reach the back entrance while he has handled the rest. A flashback shows that the driver of the ambulance had been kidnapped by Multani’s goons. One of Multani’s aides drives the ambulance to the Mahajan House. As Yukti tries to reach the back gate, Bhoomi comes and says she won’t let her leave. While Yukti tries to rush to the back door,  Bhoomi keeps her busy. Arjun comes and says sorry to Yukti.  He takes Bhoomi inside. Bhoomi prays to the Lord to protect Yuvika. Yukti runs towards the back gate. 

She sees the ambulance from a distance and wonders how to get inside the ambulance hiding from Dj and Gargi. Yukti changes the clothes of security personnel. One of the mosquito control personnel arrives and starts spreading smoke again. Yukti takes advantage of the smoke and gets inside the ambulance. She sees Bhanu inside and recalls her past memories. She sits on the driver seat and sees Dj coming back towards the ambulance. As DJ gives a sign to open the gate,  Yukti drives the ambulance and leaves. Dj realises that someone has kidnapped Bhanu. He tries to follow the ambulance. As Yukti asks Multani’s man to leave the car , he gets off and informs Multani. He asks his aide to follow Yukti and make sure nothing happens to her. Yukti finds Dj following her and wonders how to get rid of him.

Episode ends  

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