Vanshaj: Bhanu feels disheartened to see his broken family!

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In the latest episode, Bhanu comes back home and listens to the fake stories of Dj. He tells Bhanu that in his absence Prem’s family has broken totally. He asks Bhanu to witness it himself. Bhoomi comes down the stairs running and crying. Being overwhelmed she cries and tells Bhanu that she always knew he was alive and would come back some day. With a lot of faith in him, she asks him to fix things back. Bhanu asks her not to worry and assures to fix all things.

Isha asks Bhanu to not believe in Gargi and DJs fake stories but he asks Isha how can he believe her when she is just busy with the parties and doesn’t bother to take care of her family. Isha asks Arjun if he would remain silent even now but he is forced to remain silent seeing DJs sign to hurt Bhoomi.

Dhanraj thinks of telling the truth to Bhanu for once but then the fear of losing his son makes him lie to Bhanu again. He tells Bhanu that in his absence, Dj took good care of the Mahajan family. He introduces Bhanu to Yugvijay and says how Ruhi’s mental condition kept deteriorating day by day and she couldn’t take care of her own son.

Dj threatens his aide and the doctors and asks who kidnapped Bhanu and how all of this happened. Gargi asks Dj to calm down. As she asks him about the CCTV footage, he says that they only got all the CCTV footage turned off to leave no proof of Bhanu alive. Dj realises that the security footage of the nearby houses and buildings of the Mahajan house that would show him who sat on the driver seat of the ambulance.

Would Dj be able to find out Yuvika’s truth? What would be Yuvika’s next step now? To know more, keep watching Vanshaj.