Vanshaj: Bhanu to catch Dj red handed?

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Sab TV’s popular daily soap, Vanshaj, will show an jaw dropping drama in this week. Gargi will appreciate the plan of Dj who has arranged everything to kill Yuvika by hook or crook. Yuvika will go to meet with Bhanu Pratap, but she will meet an accident when a truck will give her a huge jerk.


In the previous episode, Digvijay tries to get the signature of Bhanu on the will paper, so that Digvijay would own all the property by his own name. Taking the hand of Bhanu, Digvijay insists unconscious Bhanu to sign on the will, but suddenly Yuvika appears there and asks him to stop his hypocrisy which completely surprised Dj. Yuvika questions Dj why he is giving the medicines which are not allowed to Bhanu. Dj gets angry and his fury errupts but in this mean time, Bhanu Pratap stands up on his own legs and catches Dj red handed. Bhanu has already sent the copies to the board members of Mahajan company. In spite of being insulted, Dj declines to accept Yuvika as the owner of Mahajan.

In the future episodes we will come to see, Bhanu will insist Dj to apologize to Yuvika. Getting no other way but to follow the instructions of Bhanu, Dj will apologize to Yuvika folding his hands. Yuvaika will give a angry look. Later, Bhanu will instruct Vidur to arrange a emergency meeting, as he has something to declare something emergency.

How Yuvika would stand beside their company!

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