Vanshaj: Dj shocks Dhanraj!

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Vanshaj has become more thrilling as Dj becomes desperate.


In the latest episode, Bhoomi and her kids along with Dhanraj and Neel’s family sit for Prem’s barsi. Dj comes in and joins the barsi. He apologises to Yuvika while saying that he knows very well she won’t believe in her. He says that there are many things he realised he must have done for her and her family.

Vidur had been trying to reach Bhanu Pratap since long time. Suddenly he gets a call and gets news that Bhanu met with an accident while coming back in his chopper. His chopper crashed. He informs everyone about this. He is informed about some hospital where Bhanu has been brought. The entire family rushes to see Bhanu excapet Dj and Ruhi. While Dhanraj is also about to leave the house, Dj stops him. When asked if he did this, Dj confesses that he is the one who took revenge on Bhanu. Dhanraj asks how dare he do this. Dj shouts at Dhanraj and asks him to calm down or else he would forget he had a father. Dhanraj gets shocked to see this image of Dj.

Yuvika and her family reach the hospital where Vidur heard Bhanu is kept. They realise that the hospital is too old and very weird. Yuvika stops Neel from getting inside. She calls Bhanu and gets his job dead. Bhoomi agrees with Yuvika and says that they must not stay here and they must leave. Someone screams loudly so Yuvika and Arjun convince Bhoomi that they should go inside once to check what’s wrong. They don’t find Bhanu anywhere but someone locks them from outside .

In the next episode, Dj would be seen making Yuvika her hostage and setting fire around her. Would Yuvika be able to escape this? What would happen to Bhanu? To know what happens next, keep watching Vanshaj.