Vanshaj: Gargi gets to know about Nikhil and Miraya!

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In the latest episode, Yuvika tells Bhoomi about Dj and Gargi’s plan to cause harm to her by giving her wrong medicines. She assures Bhoomi that she need not worry since she is here and will take care of her. She requests Bhoomi to pretend to be unwell in front of the Mahajans.

As Koyel informs Dj that Bhoomi is talking to someone he rushes to Bhoomi but doesn’t get to see Yuvika. She pretends not to be in her senses. She annoys both Dj and Koyel. Dj shouts at Koyel for misleading him. Bhoomi feels relieved by the fact that her daughter is back now who would put an end to DJs and Gargi’s evil acts. Miraya vents out her frustration with her boyfriend Nikhil about them being forced to meet each other secretly. She suggests eloping which Nikhil agrees. He then leaves the place. Gargi gets shocked learning of Miraya and Nikhil’s relationship. She decides to confront Miraya later as there are guests in the house. Srishti convinces Bhanu to talk to the priest about Dj and Koel’s marriage.

Yuvika informs Bhoomi that she learned DJ and Koel’s wedding is just a deal. Because of which her mission may fail, so she won’t let this wedding take place. She also says for Ruhi and Yug’s sake also she will stop the wedding of DJ and Koel.Gargi confronts Miraya about her relationship with Nikhil. She threatens her about the consequences if she fails to break up with Nikhil.

In the next episode, Bhoomi would be seen consoling and boosting Yuvika’s confidence due to her plan failure. She would be suggesting that she makes their enemies fight among each other to win the game. To know about Yuvika’s next move, keep watching Vanshaj and stay tuned to this space for more updates.