Vanshaj: Neel finally confesses his feelings!

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Vanshaj is ready for more drama as Bhanu decides to make some big announcements!


In the latest episode, Vidur warns Neel that Yuvika is a part of the Mahajans now and no longer Yuvika Nagar from Rishika so he must not forget his standard. Neel says that Yuvika is very different from the Mahajans and doesn’t pay any heed to his words.

Yuvika hangs a photo of Prem and talks to it. She sees a shadow walking outside her room so she picks up a flower vase and walks towards the curtain. She starts beating the man with it. Neel shouts and says that it’s him. Yuvika asks why he was hiding in her room.

Neel holds her hand so Yuvika gets up and says that she has a good suggestion to heal her wound and makes a joke. Neel pulls her close to him and says that he has something to say to her.

As Isha and Arjun knock at Yuvika’s door, she hurriedly hides him inside the cupboard. She sends them out hurriedly as Isha starts teasing Yuvika in the name of Neel. After they leave Yuvika’s room, Neel confesses his feelings to Yuvika and asks if she loves him or not. Then he kisses her cheek and leaves.

Yuvika stares at him blankly but says nothing. Gargi brainwashes Dhanraj to do something as Dj has been humiliated. Bhanu asks Vidur to call on a board meeting since he has some announcements to make. Gargi reminda Dhanraj that the time has come to take the biggest decision.

In the next episode, Yuvika would be seen facing some new conspiracy against her. What would be Bhanu’s announcement? What decision was Gargi talking about? To know what happens next keep watching Vanshaj and stay tuned to this page for more updates.