Vanshaj: Would Yuvika survive?

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Vanshaj has become more thrilling as Dj tries to kill the Nagars.


In the latest episode, fire breaks out in the hospital due to a short circuit. Yuvika realises that someone has done this on purpose. Isha starts coughing badly due to the excessive smoke. All of them struggle to find a way out of this place. Meanwhile, Bhoomi saves Isha by pushing her away, seeing a chunk of the burning ceiling about to fall on her.

Arjun and Neel look for any exit points but they don’t get any. The fire spreads all over the hospital. Due to the smoke and being pushed away, Isha almost loses consciousness. Bhoomi and Arjun try to keep her awake. Yuvika sees a crack on a wall and tells Neel that since this wall has weakened, if they break this wall, they might find a way to get out.Yuvika, Arjun and Neel lift an oxygen cylinder kept nearby and start hitting the wall with it to break the wall. Vidur joins them to help. They struggle to break the wall and finally make a hole in the wall. One by one all of them get out of the place except Yuvika.

As Yuvika tries to get out just after Bhoomi, a huge chunk of the burning ceiling falls in front of her. She gets hurt by a piece of the ceiling and falls down. Bhoomi screams and asks her to come out but she doesn’t reply. After some time, Dj arrives in a fire proof vest and says that Yuvika is herself responsible for all this. They get involved in an argument after which he kicks Yuvika away. She falls on the ground.

In the next episode, Bhoomi would be seen screaming seeing something at the hospital after the fire goes off. Would Yuvika die in the hospital? Would Dj finally win? To know what happens next, keep watching Vanshaj.