Vanshaj: Yukti now owns the north wing of the Mahajan house!

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Vanshaj is up for more drama as Yukti slaps Dj and hurts his ego!

In the latest episode, Dj is seen screaming and abusing Yukti verbally. He asks how dare she intervene in their family matters. Yukti says that it’s her duty to give water to a dying person and now he can’t teach her something else. Dj says that Bhanu is right that she only has rights over the business issues and not upon their family. Then he grabs Yukti’s hand and pulls her towards the door.

Then Yukti says that this is enough and slaps Dj. Everyone gets shocked to see this. Gargi asks how dare she slapped Dj. Yukti says that if Gargi had slapped him in childhood, she wouldn’t have had the need to slap him. She slaps him again and says that this one was for not knowing how to behave with women. Yukti asks Dj to behave with women. She asks Dj to not think of her as a small town girl. She is Yukti Multani. She would cut off the hand of a person who raises fingers at her.

Yukti informs that she has now bought the north wing of the Mahajan house and now she is owner of the North wing.Bhanu says that this can never happen. Yukti says that they must remember the mistakes of their families. Multani explains Yukti has bought the north wing of the Mahajan house on 99 years lease so it belongs to Yukti now. Rose tells Yukti that she has mailed the lease
papers with the corporation to everyone’s mail id. Yukti asks Rose to keep her things in the north wing of the Mahajan house where Bhoomi and her kids live. Yukti decides to destroy Dj within next month.

Gargi calms down Dj and asks him to seek revenge from Yukti when the right time comes. Dj is seen suggesting Bhanu a way to get rid of Yukti and her plans to capture their house. In the next episode, Bhanu would be seen getting annoyed at Yukti for misbehaving at the office. To know what Bhanu does next, keep watching Vanshaj.