Vanshaj: Yukti refuses to reveal her identity?

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In the latest episode saw; Fake. Yuvika reached to Mahajans house. Yuvika is shocked to see her there. Gargi says to Boomi that Yuvika is back. She forgave her mistakes. She asks Boomi to hug her. Boomi says that she isn’t her daughter. If she is her daughter then she would have felt her presence when she came here. Yuvika gets emotional seeing it.

Boomi refuses to accept Fake Yuvika. Gargi asks her if she isn’t Yuvika then where is she? Boomi introduce Yukti as her real daughter. DJ thinks that he waited for this moment. Fake Yuvika confessed to the police that Gargi and Danraj are innocent. She burnt the property papers.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Boomi will refuse to accept Fake Yuvika. Gargi asks her if she has any proof for it. Boomi says that Yukti is her daughter. Yukti refuses to accept it.

What is DJ’s intention? Would she expose Yukti Multani’s truth? To know the answers to these questions keep watching Vanshaj