Vanshaj: Yuvika decides to talk to Bhanu!

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In the latest episode, Bhanu is seen talking to the policemen. They ask him if he remembers what happened to him one year back and who kidnapped him. He says he doesn’t have a memory of that incident and tried a lot to find out what happened but he couldn’t . He asks the police to close the file and stop the investigation since he doesn’t need it anymore.

Yukti enters Bhoomi’s room and tells Arjun that she is here to check on her since her condition has been deteriorating for the past two days. Yukti tries to feed Bhoomi as Arjun leaves with Neel to have a talk. Yukti tries to feed Bhoomi. She brings an empty tiffin box and gives it to Yukti saying there’s paratha inside it for her for her school. Seeing Bhoomi’s condition, Yuvika feels hurt and tense. Yuki decides to take a chance and talk to Bhanu. Dj and Gargi are seen discussing that they need to find out the person who knew their plan and was behind the fake raid news.

Bhanu comes to the Mahajan office after a year and recalls his past memories of this place. He suddenly feels dizzy and almost trips but Yukti comes and helps him. She was about to talk to Bhanu but since Vidur comes in, she remains silent. Dj shows a fake respect towards Bhanu and says he wouldn’t sit on the chairperson’s seat till he becomes Bhanu’s choice.

To know what Yukti does next, and if Dj is able to find out the person behind the fake raid news, keep watching Vanshaj.