Vanshaj: Yuvika makes Bhanu proud!

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Vanshaj is going to be more thrilling in the upcoming days as Yuvika humiliates Dj.

In the latest episode, Dj shouts and says to Dhanraj that when they unanimously took a decision that was wrong, why can’t they change it now? They must together throw Yuvika out immediately and stop listening to her nonsense. Yuvika asks Dj to go ahead and announce in the media that they can’t sacrifice their lavish lifestyle which would in turn be very harsh for the thousands of workers and even kill them. The other board members say that this is injustice and they don’t agree with it. One by one they all leave the boardroom.

Bhanu says that he is feeling proud of her today. Yuvika cries and asks how she would be able to do this. Bhanu asks Yuvika to not think about the results rather keep doing her work and says that he is with her so his experience wouldn’t let her get lost. Yuvika bows down to seek her blessings and says that he is her Guru from today onwards.Bhanu blesses Yuvika and wishes her good luck.

Dj accuses Gargi and Dharaj for all his humiliation. He says that for them he had to apologise to Yuvika and call her Ma’am today. Dj misbehaves with Dhanraj and then apologises to him. He says that from now on he himself would do whatever has to be done in Yuvika’s matter. As Yuvika and Bhanu reach home, Isha and Arjun congratulate Yuvika. Bhoomi says that she is proud of her. Later Neel awaits Yuvika in her room and celebrates Yuvika’s first day.

In the next episode, Vidur and Bhanu would be seen playing chess while Vidur would be giving him a checkmate. Dj would be seen proceeding towards Yuvika with a gun. Would he shoot Yuvika? What would Dj do now? To know more about how the story proceeds keep watching Vanshaj.