Vanshaj: Yuvika meets Bhoomi!

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In the latest episode, Rose tries to arrange for new contact lenses for Yuvika but due to the occasion of holi all shops are closed. She tells Yuvika that she can’t attend the Holi party today since no lenses are available now. Yuvika recalls Prem’s last words and a promise she made to him. He has made her promise that her task is to fulfill Bhoomi’s wishes under all circumstances. She feels bad since this is the first time that Bhoomi has asked something from her. She decides to attend the party in disguise.

Yukti gets dressed up in a different attire, puts colours on her face and wears a glass to hide her identity. Dj comes and asks the security personnel to get back to his work and find the woman. Bhoomi feels the arrival and presence of Yuvika and says she had full faith that Yuvika would surely come to meet her today. Yuvika waits at the retina scan and que to enter the Mahajan house.

Yukti opens her sunglasses and gets her eyes scanned, which leads to an alarm due to the retina match. Miraiya’s boyfriend rushes towards the system to check whose eyes match. He calls his team members and scolds them. He asks them to find the woman. He sees a photo of the upper half of Yuvika’s face and rushes to find the woman. Yuvika meets Bhoomi and fulfills her wish. Then she tells her that until she seeks her revenge from Gargi and Dj she can’t reveal her real identity and she will have to remain at the Mahajan house as Yukti Muktani. She asks Bhoomi’s support for this to which Bhoomi agrees.

Dj keeps on looking for Bhoomi and Yuvika while Koyel informs him that Bhoomi is talking to someone behind the curtain. Would Dj be able to find Yuvika? How would Yuvika manage without the lenses? To know what Dj does next, keep watching Vanshaj.