Vanshaj: Yuvika to claim the Mahajan share!

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Sab TV’s popular daily soap, Vanshaj, will show an interesting trail which will create an interesting drama. Dhanraj will attend the meeting in where they have to face media and will have to give their official statement. Before announcing the final decision of Dhanraj, Bhanu asks him to stop and he proceeds to face the media. He also proclaims his own decision. But he again loses his sense.


In the previous episode, Dj and Dhanraj who get very angry as Yuvika declares infront of the media that they will not file for bankruptcy. Bhanu clearly says that he personally doesn’t have any personal animosity with DJ, but he strongly opposes the strategy of Dj to run the business. Yuvika doesn’t have any way but to stand beside Bhanu Pratap.

If Prem would have alive, he will also do the same. Dj repeatedly disrespects Yuvika pointing out her illegal and illegitimate blood. But Bhanu Pratap firmly declares that there is equal share right on Mahajan company and empire between Premraj and Dhanraj. Digvijay condemns Bhanu as he has taken the side of Yuvika.

In the future episodes we will come to see, Gargi and Dhanraj will declare Yuvika Mahajan as the chairman of Mahajan company, but there will be a conspiracy behind this decision.

How Dj would stand beside their company!

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