Vansh’s real intention behind marrying Ridhima to get disclosed in Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

Ishq Mein Marjawan is gearing up for high voltage drama. In the upcoming episode viewers will witness Vansh and Ridhima’s twisted wedding.

Yes, you read it right in the upcoming episode Vansh and Ridhima’s marriage will happen. Ridhima decides to quit job at Vansh’s house. She shows her hatred towards Singhania’s. Ridhima says to Vansh that none taught him good manners thus he doesn’t know to respect anyone. She her gives resignation and leaves the house.

Now in the upcoming episode we will see, Vansh will block Riddhima’s way and will give a shocker of her life. He will say to her that she has much hatred for Singhania’s and now Singhania will give her new identity. Vansh will tell to Riddhima that within 3 days he will turn her Mrs. Ridhima Vansh Raj Singhania. Hearing, Vansh’s wedding proposal Riddhima will shatter thinking about Kabir. Later, Vansh will disclose his intension behind marrying Riddhima.

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In the so far episode it is seen, Vansh tries to trap Ridhima by giving her mobile. Ridhima calls Kabir and Kabir learn that Vansh is trying to trap Ridhima. He somehow manages to escape and Ridhima gets angry on Vansh for beating the innocent. Keep watching the show for more twists and turns.

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