Vedant planning or falling for Tarana?: Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki

Next in Colors TV Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki, Vedant will decide to bring back Tarana after she will quit the job.

Last we reported, Vedant doubts Harman and Saumya’s relation and decides to find out the truth.

Otherside, Saumya somehow manages to escape before Preeto catches her. Harman asks Preeto to not let Saumya meet him. Preeto asks him to take rest. Harman asks nurse to show him CCTV footage, as he wants to figure out who made him drink the water. Raavi comes to meet Harman and says did he really need CCTV footage to figure out whether Saumya comes to meet him or not. Harman gets angry and asks Raavi he doesn’t want to talk about Saumya.

Here, Harak meets Saumya at the temple and asks her to pretend in front of Bansal’s that she doesn’t know anything about Harman’s accident. Later, Saumya goes to Vedant and gives him the Prasad. Vedant asks her is she gone to pray for Harman. Saumya says she is not aware of Harman’s accident.

Vedant thinks to find out the truth about HAYA’s relation and decides to separate the duo if they are into any relation. He says he is addicted to Tarana and now he won’t let her go.

Now in the upcoming episode will see Vedant will go to eunuch’s house to bring back Tarana.

Saumya worries for Harman and asks Bansal she has some important work thus she wants to go back home early. Bansal agrees but Vedant thinks he will not let her meet Harman. He gives Tarana lots of work to finish before leaving and because of which she quits her job.

Further will see, Bansal will tell Vedant that Saumya takes care of him as a mother does to a son. Later, Vedant will visit the house of eunuchs and requests Saaya to ask Saumya to call him.

Is Vedant has a change of heart or he is planning something against HAYA, well time will only tell. Keep watching serial Shakti mon-fri on Colors TV.

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