Vedika feels insecure in Naira’s presence: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai!

Next in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai will see Vedika and Naira’s face-off.

Last we reported, Vedika misunderstands Kartik after reading a message. She spots the duo at the café and Naira’s presence is irking Vedika.

Otherside, Akhilesh having extra-marital affair with Lisa has already disturbed the family after Surekha decides to give divorce to Akhilesh.

Now in the upcoming episode will see drama will galore after Kairav will bring Lisa home. Meanwhile, Kairav’s medical report will make Naira and Kartik happy and the duo will spend time together. But Vedika will create a scene after she will spot Kaira sharing the same bed.

After seeing the Normal report of Kairav Naira will consider leaving the Goenka house. Here, Kairav will spend quality time with the family.

Later, Vedika will get shocked to see Kartik and Naira sleeping on the same bed. Vedika will then ask Naira to leave the Goneka house. Naira will cry listening to this and will try to make her understand her situation. Vedika will ask her not to use Kairav as a tool. They will argue. Vedika will ask her just to leave the Goneka house.

It will be interesting to watch what more twist and turns will come in the show.

Do Naira will leave the house with Kairav? Do Suhasini will allow Naira to take Kairav with her? What Kartik will do next to keep Kairav with him? Well, for all the answers keep watching the show mon-fri on Star Plus.

Latest report says Naira and Kartik will soon file for Kairav’s custody and now who will win the case will be interesting to watch.

To know what more will happen in the show stay tuned to read the full written update of YRKKH.

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