Vidhya No 1: Sanjay and Vidya arrive to Chennai

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Zee Tamil’s recently aired daily soap Vidya No 1 is currently showing that Vidya liying to her aunt to go Chennai.

In the previous episode it was seen that Chandramohan came to the hospital where Parvaty died and helped the poor patients and a pregnant lady. He comes every year on the death anniversary of Parvaty to repent for not being able to save Parvaty. Vidya also came to the same hospital and gave the patients temple prasadam and holy threads. Chandramohan and Vidya failed to see each other. Later Sanjay tried to reconcile with Vidya. Vidya understood that Sanjay wants some favor from her. Sanjay sought Vidya’s help. Vidya thought of taking Sanjay’s help to reach Chennai and asked him to promise to help her in return to which Sanjay agreed.

In today’s episode it’s seen that Vidya and Ganesh lied to Vidya’s aunt Lila that someone in Chennai wants a cook for a day and they will pay ten thousand. Lila believes their lie and asks Vidya to go. Later Vidya awaits Sanjay in the bus stop. As he doesn’t come, Vidya thinks that he broke his promise and decides to leave for Chennai on her own. However Sanjay comes there and they both arrive to Chennai. There a lady from Vidya’s village notices Vidya and Sanjay together. As Vidya isn’t used to Chennai fast lifestyle, she asks Sanjay to take her holding her hands and he obeys her. Vidya hugs Sanjay getting scared when a bike passes very close to her,

Will Vidya find out Sanjay’s real identity? Will Vidya be able to meet Chandramohan?

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