Vidhya No 1: Sanjay hurts Vidya’s feelings

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Zee Tamil’s recently aired daily soap Vidya No 1 is currently showing that Suryaprakash asking Sanjay to marry Vidya, but Sanjay refusing it.

In the previous episode it was seen that Lila recollected the past. In the FB Chandramohan gave Lila Vidya’s mother’s jewelries and some money asking to use it for taking care of Vidya and her sister. However Lila hid it from Vidya. Lila was now scared that Sanjay might know this and he can tell Vidya the truth. Sanjay tried to talk to Suryaprakash about using his land for his business. But Suryaprakash shocked Sanjay asking him to marry Vidya. Sanjay refused saying Vidya isn’t suitable match for him. Suryaprakash asked him to rethink about it.

In today’s episode it’s seen that Vedavalli learns from her PA that the approval for their school was denied as all the study certificates submitted by Sneha are fake. Vedavalli gets furious. She goes to Sneha snd slaps her shocking all. But it all turns out of Sneha’s dream. Vidya sneaks out of her house in the night hiding something with saree pallu. Sumathi sees this and informs Lila. Vidya comes to Sanjay. She shows him a glass container in which she catched fireflies to present as birthday gift to Sanjay. But Sanjay acts rudely with Vidya. He scolds her and adks her to not have any false hope in her heart regarding him. Vidya gets hurt with Sanjay’s words. She frees the fireflies and goes back to her house with heavy heart. Vidya gets shocked on finding her aunt family waiting for her.

What will happen now? What Lila will do with Vidya?

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