Vidhya No 1: Sanjay shows care for Vidya

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Zee Tamil much loved show Vidya No1 is taking an interesting twist with Sanjay confessing his feelings to Vidya.

Previously it was seen that Vidya got down the sea to kill herself. Sanjay remembered that Vidya told him once that she was looking for the beach to suicide. He came to the beach and looked for Vidya. He found her nuptial chain and her bag on the sand. He got worried for her. He noticed Vidya getting drowned in the water. He rushed to her and saved her. He woke her up after lot of efforts.

Vidya said that Sanjay wouldn’t accept her as his wife going against his mother, so it would be best if she died. Sanjay confessed that he loves her and accepts her as his wife. Vidya got overjoyed on hearing this and hugged him. Sanjay put the nuptial chain around Vidya’s neck.

Sanjay said to Vidya that they should be friends and hide their relation until Vedavalli accepts Vidya. The latter agreed. Sanjay brought Vidya back to the house. Chandramohan and all got shocked when Sanjay revealed that Vidya attempted suicide.

In the today’s episode it will be seen that Chandramohan will make Vidya promise that she won’t try to commit suicide again. Vedavalli will ask Vidya to stay in the outhouse as she doesn’t want an alcoholic in her house. Chandramohan will get furious on hearing this.

Sanjay will clarify that Vidya got intoxicated by someone else. He will bring the waiter. The latter will tell that Meghna bribed her to give the spiked juice to Vidya. Vedavalli will hit Meghna.

Thilaga will put up an act to stop Vedavalli from throwing Meghna out of the house. Later in the night Sanjay will bring food for Vidya. He will feed stating that he can feed his wife. Vidya will gets emotional on seeing Sanjay’s care for her.

What will happen next? Will Vedavalli accept Vidya?

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