Vidhya No 1: Vidya gets a saree for Vidya

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Zee Tamil much loved show Vidya No1 is gearing up for more drama with Sneha following Vidya and Sanjay.

Previously it was seen that Vidya spotted Sanjay and before she could see Vidya with Sanjay, they both hid themselves. Vedavalli got doubtful and searched for Sanjay in the whole temple. She made a video call to him to confirm that he was in his business meeting.

Vidya got a smart idea at the end time and saved Fateh from getting caught. Later Vidya and Sanjay completed the remedy. Vidya helped a poor kids by getting her new books.

Vedavalli also helped the same kid. She got to know that a girl helped that kid before her and praised that girl without knowing that the girl was Vidya. Vidya got happy on hearing this.

In the today’s episode it was seen that Vidya wanted to go for shopping to get a saree for her register marriage with Sanjay. She said to Chandramohan that she wanted to go for shopping to get saree. Chandramohan said to Sanjay to accompany Vidya as she’s new to the city.

Meghna and her mother told Vedavalli about it to prevent Sanjay from going with Vidya. However Chandramohan tricked Vedavalli saying that she’s scared that Sanjay would fall for Vidya and break her trust, so she’s not sending him with Vidya.

Vedavalli agreed to send Sanjay with Vidya disappointing Meghna and her mother. Sneha followed Sanjay and Vidya and clicked their photo. Sanjay got a saree for Vidya. Sanjay spotted Sneha in the shop and alerted Vidya about the same.

What will happen next? Will Sneha show Vidya and Sanjay photo to Vedavalli?

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