Vidhya No 1: Vidya gets heartbroken

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Zee Tamil’s daily soap Vidya No 1 is gearing up for more drama with Suryaprakash getting successful in his plan by tricking Sanjay and Vedavalli.

In the previous episode it was seen that Suryaprakash blackmailed Sanjay to send his and Vidya wedding video to Vedavalli if he would refuse to perform the ritual with Vidya. Sanjay agreed without any option. Vedavalli was brought there to give the couple the nuptial chain. Suryaprakash planed to hide the grooms and the brides faces behind a curtain so that Vedavalli couldn’t see Sanjay and Vidya. Vedavalli gave Vidya and Sanjay the nuptial chain and Sanjay put it around Vidya’s neck. Later Suryaprakash made both of them take Vedavalli’s blessing by tricking her.

In the today’s episode it’s seen that Sanjay wents out his anger on Vidya. He says to Vidya that he will never love her. He will never accept her as his wife even Vedavalli accepts her. Vidya gets heartbroken on hearing this. She breaks down in tears when Suryaprakash video calls her. Vidya wishes to return to the village so that Sanjay can be happy. Suryaprakash motivates her and assures her that her love for Sanjay will change him. Suryaprakash also mentions that her dad hot shifted to Chennai jail. Vidya decides to meet her dad in the jail. Meanwhile Vedavalli calls her family lawyer home to know the identity of the person, who attacked Chandramohan. She gets determined to punish him. She wants to know who he is and decides to go and confront him in the jail.

What will happen next? How Vedavalli react after knowing the identity of the attacker?

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