Vidhya No 1: Vidya is in a dilemma

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Zee Tamil’s daily soap Vidya No 1 is gearing up for more drama with Chandramohan wanting to give his half property to Vidya.

In the previous episode it was seen that Vedavalli got furious when a parent called and asked to forgive his son’s mistake. He mentioned about Vedavalli forgiving Manikam who tried to kill Chnadramohan. Vedavalli shouted in anger. Vijay, Vedavalli sister and all gathered on hearing this and they got shocked. Vedavalli sister advised Vedavalli to talk to Chandramohan as his wife forgetting her ego.

Manasa got furious when Chandramohan refused to go with Manasa for shopping as he had some work with Vidya. Meghna provoked Manasa against Vidya. Manasa created a scene and demanded to throw Vidya out of the house immediately. Vedavalli reprimanded Manasa.

In the today’s episode it’s seen that Chandramohan and Vedavalli get into a heated argument which shocks family members. Later Chandramohan decides to call a press meet to announce publicly that he is giving his properties to Vidya. Sanjay and Vijay appose Chandramohan’s decision. However Vedavalli says to allow Chandramohan to do what he wants as she has full trust on Vidya that she will publicly refuse to accept Chandramohan’s property. Meghna and her mother plot to make Vedavalli hate Vidya. They call Vidya and blackmail her to leak Vidya and Sanjay’s photo taken in the hotel if Vidya refuses to accept Chandramohan’s property.

Vidya shares the same with Sanjay. Vijay overhears their talk and learns the matter after enquiring to Vidya and Sanjay. They doubt that Meghna and her mother can be behind this and try to find the photo from their mobile, but they fail. So Sanjay and Vijay say to Vidya to accept Chandramohan’s properties. But Vidya is scared to break Vedavalli’s trust.

What will happen next? What Vidya will decide?

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