Vidhya No 1: Vidya to win a watch to gift for Sanjay?

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Zee Tamil much loved show Vidya No1 is gearing up for more drama with Sanjay giving a pleasant surprise to Vidya.

Previously it was seen that Vedavalli scolded Sanjay for accusing Manasa without any proof. She demanded him to apologize to Manasa. Sanjay apologized to Manasa. Vedavalli asked Vidya if she had doubt on anyone. Vidya said that she didn’t have doubt on anyone and requested to end this matter here as she didn’t want any problem in the house because of this.

Vedavalli agreed with Vidya. Later Sanjay found Vidya crying holding the burned saree. He understood how much Vidya was emotionally hurt with what happened. Later he took Vidya on playing a prank on her and made her meet her sister Lakshmi.

Vidya got elated on seeing Lakshmi and shared an emotional. As Lakshmi was hungry, Vidya, Sanjay and Lakshmi had dinner in a stall. Later Sanjay made an embroidery in Vidya’s saree to hide the burn and gifted her. Vidya got elated and hugged Sanjay.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Vidya will come to the mall and will see a competition going on. she will enquire the organizer about the competition. He will say that girl should do 200 more sit up to win the ladies watch.

Vidya will see a mam watch and will wish to gift to Sanju. She ask what to do to win it. The man says that it’s for boys, one should hold the ice bars till it all melts. Vidya will take part in the competition. She will stand holding the ice bars. The crowd willock and laugh at Vidya. The latter will ignore it and will keep her focus on the watch.

What will happen next? Will Vidya win the competition?

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