Vidhya No 1: Will Vedavalli fibd out Vidya and Sanjay’s marriage truth?

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Zee Tamil’s daily soap Vidya No 1 is gearing up for more drama with Suryaprakash blackmailing Sanjay to make him perform the post wedding ritual with Vidya.

In the previous episode it was seen that Vedavalli said to Sanjay to bring the girl she saw in the hotel to home. Sanjay lied that she left for London. Just then he receives his and Vidya’s photo taken in the hotel from a mysterious number and looks shocked. Meghna smirked on seeing Sanjay’s reaction. She thought that Sanjay managed to hide Vidya from her, but she caught their photo through the CCTV footage of the hotel. Later Suryaprakash said to Vidya about performing a post wedding ritual. Vidya first refused, but then agreed as Sanjay’s life can get in danger if it’s not done. Suryaprakash made a plan to make Vedavalli bless Vidya and Sanjay. Suryaprakash told Sanjay about the function, but Sanjay refused to attend it. So Suryaprakash sent Sanjay his and Vidya wedding to blackmail him.

In the upcoming episode it’s seen that Sanjay gets angry with Vidya as he holds her responsible for all his trouble. He goes to Vidya and argues with her. He firmly refuses to go with Vidya to complete the post wedding ritual. Vidya phones Suryaprakash and tells about the same. Sanjay snatches the phone. He closes Vidya’s mouth to know what Suryaprakash’s plan is. However a clever Suryaprakash says to not let Sanjay go with his mother to her teacher’s daughter wedding. Sanjay decides to go to the same wedding unaware this is Suryaprakash’s trap.

What will happen next? How Sanjay will react after knowing Suryaprakash’s plan?

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