Vidrohi 1st December 2021 Written Update: Baxi confronts Kalyani for notifying Radha about their marriage

Vidrohi 1st December 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Radhamani thinking about Kalyani and feels bad for her. She then burns the letter in order to hide about Kalyani’s marriage from others. She thinks about the person who have married Kalyani and mocks him for not fulfilling his responsibility as a husband. She develops sympathy towards Kalyani and decides to help her. Meanwhile, Kalyani tries to find Baxi in order to notify him about her conversation with Radha. She searches for him here and there but couldn’t able to find him.

Here, Tilottama comes inside Radha’s room. She sees the cover of the letter and tries to get it. She questions Radha that what was written in the letter sended by Badamba Naresh that Raadha got unconscious after reading it. To which Radha gets irked seeing the interference of Tilottama and replies that she didn’t got unconsious because of reading the letter and states that there is nothing regarding Tilottama inside the letter and ask her not to think about it.

Tilottama keeps looking at the letter to take it away with her. She gets curious, while Radha scolds her for interfering. Tilottama leaves from there and shares with Gadadhar that she wants to read the letter. She ask for his help to get it, while he tells her a plan. He says that she have to play a game with Kalyani, by which latter will only tell her the truth behind the letter. Tilottama gets excited and goes to find Kalyani.

Elsewhere, Kalyani roams here and there in search of Baxi Jagabandhu but couldn’t able to find him. She gets frustrated as she wants to share her conversation with Radhamani to Baxi. At that time she sees Baxi and runs behind him. She calls him while he looks at her. She was about to tell him, when Subarna comes there and states that Kalandi is leaving for Badamba.

Subarna tells that she have already given the gifts which she wanted to send to Badamba Naresh. She ask if Kalyani also wants to send something then she can. Meanwhile, Kalandi meets Kalyani and gives her the book in which she writes her dreams. He says that Britishers have destroyed their kingdom but couldn’t able to destroy her dreams.

Ahead, Kalandi ask Baxi to look after Kalyani as she is their pride, to which Kalyani assures him that she is safe and protected there. Meanwhile, Tilottama meets Kalyani and says that she knows about the truth of the letter. She tries to get the truth out of Kalyani’s mouth, while Gadadhar keeps an eye on them. Kalyani understood Tilottama’s plan and plays with her. She says that Tilottama have to be cautious as the letter was regarding her. Tilottama gets worried and ask about it, to which Kalyani replies that she will tell later.

Gadadhar gets irked seeing Tilottama getting fooled by Kalyani and leaves from there. Later, Baxi gets inside his room and sees Radha blabbering in her sleep. He hears her saying that Kalyani have told about her marriage and gets shocked. He goes inside Kalyani’s room and confronts her. He scolds her for breaking her promise and revealing about their marriage to Radha. He taunts her for being selfish and doesn’t caring about Radha.

Further, Kalyani tries to explain herself but he keeps shouting at her. She stops him being frustrated and notify that she haven’t told Radha about their marriage. She states that Radha confronted her about her marriage and so she replied that she can’t tell her about her husband’s name. She scolds Baxi for tagging her as selfish and states that she also cares about Radha.

Kalyani states that she have sacrificed all her dreams and respect. She scolds Baxi for shouting at her and shows him the book of her dreams and states that she have left everything to be here. She ask him not to talk to her and turns away being furious.

Precap:- Radha questions Baxi that if he knew about Radha’s marriage? He stays silent while Radha gets confirmed that he already knew about it. She tells him that she never thought that he will hide anything from her. She gets hurt and ask if he knew about Kalyani’s husband, while he stays silent. Later, Radha talks to Kalyani and says that she knew Baxi always fulfill his promises but statea that she can’t understand how he doesn’t told her anything regarding it.

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