Vidrohi 27th October 2021 Written Update: British doctor saves Badamba’s life

Vidrohi 27th October 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Baxi and Kalyani fighting with the British soldiers. The doctor gets shocked seeing them and tries to shoot but there wasn’t any bullet in his gun. Baxi and Kalyani defeats all the soldiers and goes towards the doctor. Baxi reminds him about his job to save life, while Kalyani requests him. He agrees and goes with them. Meanwhile, Geoffrey learns about the matter and gets furious. He reaches the camp and gets anxious after seeing the defeat of his soldiers.

Here, Geoffrey questions that who have done it? To which one of the soldier replies that there were two of them who have injured their soldiers and also have taken the doctor. Geoffrey gets angry and scolds them for letting them go.

The doctor checks Badamba Naresh, while Kalyani pleads him to save her father. He says that he doesn’t care if Badamba is enemy or not, as his profession teaches him to save the life. They all goes away from the room, as doctor starts his treatment. After a long time he comes out and informs them that Badamba is safe, but ask them to look after him as he is not fully out of danger. He also states that their indian herbs have worked to stop the bleeding. They all shows their gratitude towards them.

Elsewhere, The doctor praises Baxi and his wife for being so brave. Radha smiles, while he looks at Kalyani, misunderstanding her as Baxi’s wife. Gadadhar laughs and clears the misunderstanding, revealing that Kalyani is princess of Badamba and Baxi’s wife is Radha.

Badamba Naresh shows his gratitude towards Baxi and his family. He considers Radha as his own daughter. He clearifies to Kalyani that he himself came to meet Baxi, as he wanted to get tie up with their kingdom.

Ahead, Maharaja Mukunda comes to see Badamba. He meets him, while Badamba shows his happiness of seeing the king. He talks about fighting against the British together, while the king gets nervous. He declares that he wants peace and doesn’t want to fight against the British. Badamba tries to convince him, but king replies that he doesn’t want to go back to prison again. Badamba understands his turmoil and decides to go from there.

Kalyani and Badamba meets everyone, while Kalyani develops a bond with Radha. Radha ask Kalyani to call her sister, while latter takes blessings from Subarna. She goes towards Baxi and apologises to him for her behaviour. She wishes that he succeeds in whatever he does and leaves from there along with her father.

Further, Baxi confronts Gadadhar and ask why he gets provoked by Geoffrey? Gadadhar says about how Geoffrey was ill-talking about him, while Baxi explains that it was all Geoffrey’s trap. Baxi reminds him about the death of innocent people, while Gadadhar doesn’t shows any sympathy. At that time Subarna comes there and slaps him. She blames him responsible for all the death, while he gets shocked.

Geoffrey meets the doctor, while latter praises Baxi and his family. He tells that Badamba’s health wasn’t good but he saved him. Geoffrey gets furious and shoots the doctor. Charan gets dumbstruck, while Geoffrey declares that no one can do anything without his order.

Later, Kalyani says that she wants to take the responsibility of the kingdom, but the minister denies. He says that it would be better if he takes the responsibility as he knows all the system better then her. She defence herself, while he ask her to fulfill her responsibility as a princess and go away from the kingdom by marrying someone.

Precap:- Kalyani shares her problem with Badamba, while he suggests her a solution. He advice her to let Mohan takes his place as a king and Kalyani can be the mind of Mohan. She smiles understanding his statement.

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