Vidrohi: Baxi decides to re-marry Kalyani!

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Star Plus popular daily soap Vidrohi have garnered a huge amount of audience. The gripping storyline filled with twist and turns makes it engaging to the viewers.

In the earlier episode, Radha gets hurt hearing Baxi and Kalyani’s conversation, as Jagabandhu denies to go to the celebration without Kalyani. She gets shattered as their closeness affected her badly. She blames herself for giving Kalyani an oppertunity to get near Baxi and tries to find the letter in which she have mentioned Kalyani as Kuldasi, which had caused an argument between her and Baxi.

Here, Radha tries to burn the letter but Banthara stops her. She tries to calm her and ask not to blame herself for Kalyani’s mistake. She feels bad for her daughter stating that she is innocent and declares that Kalyani is using her.

Banthara suggests Radha to be more generous then Kalyani, so that Baxi can see her effort and realise his mistake of choosing Kalyani.

Ahead, Tilottama tries to convince Subarna to bring Gadadhar back. She emotionally blackmails her, but latter gets stern on jer statement of not letting Gadadhar inside the palace. She then visits Bheem and tells him about their plan.

Banthara hears Bheem and Tilottama’s conversation and gets along with them in their plan. She says that their rival is same that is Kalyani and determines to throw her out of the palace and Baxi’s life.

Later, Radha meets Baxi and apologises for her mistakes. He gets elated upon seeing her selfless nature back and appreciates her. She also ask sorry from Kalyani in front of everyone and declares to accept her as Baxi’s wife. Meanwhile, Baxi declares to re-marry Kalyani, making Radha and others shocked.

Now in the upcoming episode, Kalyani will read her own diary and smiles learning that she always wanted to marry a guy whom she loves instead of a prince. Meanwhile, Baxi will come there and whispers in her ear, making her scared. She was about to fall but he will save her. She will show her fake anger towards him for reading her diary without permission, to which he will reply that he have all the rights to read his wife’s diary. They will both get into an eyelock.

Will Baxi and Kalyani gets remarried?
Will Banthara and Tilottama gets sucessful in removing Kalyani?
Will Radha gets her position back in Baxi’s life?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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