Vidrohi: Radha to notify Kalyani about Baxi’s feelings!

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Star Plus popular daily soap Vidrohi is all set to serve the audiences with a high voltage drama, along with the ongoing plot.

In the earlier episode, Radha controls her emotions seeing Baxi and Kalyani’s closeness. Meanwhile, Kalyani and Radha apologises to each other, in order to end their differences. Radha makes Kalyani admit her love for Baxi and apprises her that Baxi also have feelings for her. Kalyani gets excited and shows her gratitude towards Radha.

Here, Kalyani decides to confront Baxi and becomes elated thinking about him. She thinks about certain plans to confess her love and blushes remembering their moments.

Banthara gets shocked learning about Radha and Kalyani’s conversation. She questions her daughter, to which latter explains that she don’t want Baxi to go anymore far away from her. She reminds how she was the reason that Baxi gets attached to Kalyani.

Ahead, Banthara feels bad for her daughter and tries to console her. She advice her not to be harsh upon herself and states that every human being makes some mistakes. Radhamani cries thinking about Kalyani and Baxi’s closeness and tries to control her emotions.

Kalyani tries certain ways to gather Baxi’s attention and finally confesses her love. He gets stunned and gets closer to her. He also tells about his affection for her and both enjoys their moment.

Later, Paika soldiers send an invitation to Baxi while Kalyani snatches it from him and reads out loud. She tells that Paika’s have arranged a Puja along with celebration for Baxi and invited him along with his whole family. But, she gets hurt reading that they consider her as the agreement wife of Baxi.

Now in the upcoming episode, Kalyani will keep her hand near God’s idol and accepts Kalyani as Baxi’s wife. Meanwhile, latter will become elated and stands along with Radha, whereas Baxi also joins them. He will determine to marry Kalyani again before the Puja. Radha will get shocked along with Banthara, while Subarna looks at them.

Will Radha be able to accept Baxi’s second marriage?
Will Baxi realise Radha’s pain?
Will Gadadhar and Bheem returns back?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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