Vidrohi: Will Badamba Naresh be able to help Kalyani?

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Star Plus recently launched historical-drama “Vidrohi” of a great warrior Baxi Jagabandhu, is engaging the audiences with its gripping storyline. The story is based on the real life incidences.

In the current track, Kalyani faces trouble to get the thorne of her kingdom, as their minister gets against her. He ask her to fulfill her duty as a Princess and marry someone, while she gets shocked seeing their naive thinking. Meanwhile, Badamba advice her to rule and make decisions without claiming the throne.

Here, Baxi feels bad for his brother while Radha consoles him. Gadadhar’s wife accuses Baxi for her husband’s condition and ask to talk to Subarna to forgive Gadadhar. Baxi visits Gadadhar, while latter gets furious on his brother. He mocks Baxi and talks about partiality. Baxi tries to make him understand, at that time Subarna comes there and reminds Gadadhar to fulfill his punishment. She declares that she won’t forgive him until she can see remorse in his eyes.

Paika soldiers says about taking the revenge of their dead soldiers from the British. Baxi goes to talk with Maharaja Mukunda regarding it, but his wife already prohibits him from battling against the British.

Ahead, Charan gives a letter to Baxi, while others accuses Charn tk be disloyal. They tries to harm him but Baxi stops them. They goes to talk to their king regarding the battle, but king denies to go against the British. He says that he wants peace and taunts Baxi.

Baxi Jagabandhu gets hurt by Maharaja Mukunda’s words and resign from the post of the commander, shocking everyone. Geoffrey comes there and makes fun of Baxi. He mocks him, while Paika soldiers gets furious and was about to harm Geoffrey, when Baci stops them.

Further, Baxi’s family gets shocked learning about his resignation. Paika soldiers ask Subarna to convince Baxi to take back commander position, while she goes to see Baxi. Whereas, he looks at her with teary eyes.

Now in the upcoming episode,Geoffrey will give a marriage proposal to Kalyani along with a timelimit. She will get furious and declines his offer. He will declare to make her his, while she will proclaim to cut his head.

Will Kalyani be able to fight against Geoffrey?
Will Baxi take his position back as a commander?
Will Subarna be able to convince Baxi?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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