Vidrohi: Will Kalyani return Baxi’s gift?

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Star Plus new historical show “Vidrohi” is grabbing the attention of the audiences. Viewers are loving the performances of the actors, whereas the real-life story of Baxi Jagabandhu is keeping them hooked to their television screens.

In the current track, Kalyani denies her feelings for Baxi and avoids the warning of her inner-self. She stays firm that she can’t fall in love with Baxi and concludes that she is imagining things because she is hungry due to the fast. She remembers about Baxi’s gift and smiles but then decides to return it back to him in order to avoid any feelings towards him.

Here, Subarna and Radha’s mother tells Radha and Baxi about the ritual and makes her sit. Meanwhile, Radha insists to call Kalyani also as she must be alone. Subarna agrees to Radhamani, while Radha’s mother denies. Radha somehow convinces them and Baxi goes to call Kalyani.

Kalyani tries to return his gift, while he ask if she does liked it? To which she replies that she loved it and then keeps it as she doesn’t had any reason to return it. She goes along with Baxi and gets elated seeing the ritual where Subarna and Baxi makes Radha wear the bridal ornaments.

Ahead, Subarna prays for Kalyani to get married soon, so that she can also perform the ritual. Meanwhile, Radha’s mother taunts her, whereas latter replies her back sarcastically. She imagines Baxi making her wear the ornaments and comes back tk reality when Subarna calls her name.

Kalyani also makes Radha wear the jewellery and feels hurt seeing Baxi and Radhamani’s closeness. She goes away from there, while Baxi comes behind her. He makes her wear all the bridal ornaments as per the tradition and leaves from there. She cries realising her feelings towards him.

Later, Kalyani wakes up and sees herself in the bridal jewelleries. She gets elated and further goes to meet Baxi. Meanwhile, Baxi confronts Radha’s mother for writing a letter to Badamba Naresh regarding Kalyani. He says that she is wrong, to which she states that she doesn’t trust Kalyani and says that she doesn’t even like seeing him around her. Whereas, Kalyani hears their conversation.

Now in the upcoming episode, Baxi and Kalyani will fight with sword. He will get furious and ask her to attack him. Meanwhile she will fall down and he falls upon her mistakenly. Whereas, Radhamani will come there and gets shocked seeing them upon each other.

Will Radhamani gets doubtful about Kalyani and Baxi’s relationship?
Will Baxi start loving Kalyani?
Does Kalyani really have feelings for Baxi?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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