Vidya 10th January 2020 Written Update: VIDYA GETS ARRESTED BY VIVEK

The episode starts with Doctor saying that he couldn’t save Chanda. Everyone gets shocked while her mother cries hard. She runs to her and Vidya too goes. Vivek gets disheartened.

Everyone blame Vidya while Vivek stands helpless. Vidya recalls her moments with Chanda and cries hard. Media too reports about Chanda dying. Nanku sees it and gets happy. Jagat asks about the lawyer. Nanku says that everything is in their favor. He says he will soon sends his enemies to God too. Nanku enjoys Vidya’s misery.

Vidya tries consoling Chanda’s mother and says that she didn’t do anything and asks her to trust her. She looks furious at her. She slaps Vidya hard and Nanku enjoys it recalling his slap.

Vivek gets shocked when Chanda’s mother blames her for a murderer. She says she wants money right அந்த throws all her jewels on her and asks her to give back her Chanda. Vidya says that she loved Chanda like her own child and asks her to trust her. Everyone blames Vidya and is about to beat her but Vivek drags her inside a room and locks it.

Vivek says that all the proofs and witness are against her and he needs to arrest her. He says that he made a mistake by giving such a punishment to her. He blames himself for Chanda’s murder. He says that’s the reason education is important.

Vivek accuses her for having the food atleast once before feeding it to children. He says it’s his mistake to trust that she would take a good care of children h. He asks her to come out and just accept her crimes. He says that it’s him who’s going to live in guilty forever.

Avtaar and Parvati comes to meet Vidya but constable stops them on Vivek’s saying. Avtaar gets angry. Vivek comes out with Vidya and arrests her himself. Media praises Vivek for arresting Vidya. They asks Vidya if she accepts her crimes. Vidya denies and says that she doesn’t. She also says that she promises to punish the culprit and prove herself innocent.

She promises Chanda’s mother the same. She assures Vivek that she is not a teacher but like a sister and mother to her children and the real culprits will be punished for sure. She says truth doesn’t need any evidence and she’ll let the truth come out.

Nanku, Dharma and all the culprits gets shocked seeing her determination. She is about to go but Parvati stops her and says that she’s innocent. Vidya says that she’ll return back proving it.

Precap : lawyer says Vidya that she can’t escape and have to be in jail for 6 months. Vidya on her way to police station gets into accident by someone.