Vidya 11th January 2020 Written Update: VIDYA AND VIVEK’S AFFAIR OUT IN FRONT OF MEDIA

The episode starts with Vivek arresting Vidya. The children calls for her. They ask her to not leave them alone. Vidya looks at Vivek but he drags her away. Bablu asks what if Vidya takes Vivek away. Dharma says that Vivek himself will punish Vidya. He gives money to Bablu to buy things for him. Bablu asks some money for him too to buy clothes and Dharma gives it. Dharma thinks to hide the money from Parvati else she’ll set it again on fire. Parvati comes there. Bablu comes back to get his mobile back. Parvati glares him and Bablu asks him the reason for her angry. Dharma mocks at her with Vidya. Bablu says in his ears about Vidya getting arrested because of him. Parvati asks him what did he say but Dharma shuts her.

At the police station Tripathi is giving his statement against Vidya followed by the cook and the ration person. Vidya looks worried. Vivek gives Vidya’s statement that she has given in front of media that she’s innocent. He asks her to sign reading it and Vidya signs it. Avtaar stops her. He says that before her lawyer will read and check it and then she’ll sign it. He indirectly taunts Vivek and says that her brother will be with her even if the whole world is against her. He taunts him for taking revenge from her despite saying that he loves her.

Everyone heard it including media and gets shocked. Vidya and Vivek too gets shocked. Vivek asks what’s he saying. Avtaar says that is he afraid that he’s getting his name linked with a culprit. Vidya asks what’s he doing and Vivek is not like what he thinks he is. Avtaar says that is she supporting the guy who’s a creep and have don’t have guts to save his love. He badmouths Vivek. Vidya tries stopping but he doesn’t listen. Having had enough Vivek shouts at him. They both gets into argument and Avtaar holds Vivek’s collar.

Avtaar threatens Vivek and Vidya begs him to leave him. Vivek warns Avtaar for speaking against law. He takes his hands off him. Vivek asks him to stop acting stupid else his stupidity will affect his sister. Avtaar once again holds his collar and this time Vivek slaps him. Constables hold Avtaar from attacking Vivek. Vivek warns him to never interfere in his work again. He says he will stand by law and will definitely punish anyone who does mistake no matter who it is. Avtaar leaves fuming. Nanku hears media reporting about Vidya and Vivek love story.

Parvati visits Vidya and says about Dharma polluting the school campus. She also says about Bablu saying something about the food in school and wonders if it is also Dharma’s doing. Vidya instructs her to act as if she’s in Dharma side and find the truth. Parvati agrees. Lawyer informs Vidya that she’ll not get bail for six months. Vidya is taken to court while someone attacks the vehicle and it gets into accident.
Precap :Vivek gets to know Vidya accident ably