Vidya 13th April 2020 Written Update: Vidya to find the students

Vidya 13th April 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nanku warning PPW officer about the crocodile and he gets shocked. Nanku’s men stop him from coming out of the water and the crocodile kills Gupta. Nanku leaves with his men and Jagat Singh.

Maa ji wakes up and finds Vidya working in the kitchen and gets angry. Maa ji asks her didn’t she go to get the children. Vidya says that how could she do that. Maa ji forces her to get 100 children for school while Vidya stands helpless. She blackmails her with suicide and pours kerosene oil on her.

Nanku visits the temple with his family and Pandit greets him. Pandit informs about drama taking place on behalf of temple and Ranjana says that she wants to watch it. Nanku sees his wife worried about Vidya and Nanku says that he knows to get Vidya. Both he and his wife enter the temple while the cut out of the artist playing Krishna in drama falls on Nanku but stops in middle. Nanku sees it furious while others get shocked.

Dharma and his son comes to find Maa ji and gets shocked. The whole family emotionally blackmails Vidya and having no other choice agrees to search for children for school. Nanku finds his wife lost and asks her the reason for it. Nanku’s wife says him that it seems Matarani doesn’t want him to mess with Vidya. Nanku gets angry and warns her to be in her limits. He says that no one can stop him from getting what he wanted. Neither the real God nor6the God in the photo.

Vidya goes to collect children for school while Maa ji feels proud of her drama. Vidya meets the same girl who took her blessings and her mother. She asks her mother to send her child to school and she replies that she has to ask her husband. In the meantime, the girl’s father comes and her mother explains the detail to him. He says that when they are finding it hard to earn for food then it’s next to impossible for him to send her to school and walks away.

She meets some more parents who deny sending their children to school to and gets worried. No one seems to give any heed to her words and just walks off. Her pamphlets start flying in the air and she runs behind it. She turns to find the other pamphlets places on her cycle carrier with a stone placed on it. She wonders that who kept the stone there. She’s sitting shattered when she found the children playing paper rockets with the pamphlets and gets worried.

Vidya visits the temple and hears Pandit instructing people about Matarani’s blessings. Vidya prays in front of God and cries that she has lost. She says that for the last three years she’s suffering. She says that no one is ready to listen to her words. She wonders that when she couldn’t gather two person then how’s it possible for her to get 100 children. She says that she’s worried about what Nanku Singh could do if she fails in this test. She cries in front of God to save her from this problem when she hears some sound and turns back.

Precap: Jagat informs Nanku about Vidya failing to get the children for school and a person dresses us Lord Krishna makes his entry in the drama.

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