The episode starts with Vidya trying to wake the constables as the van as caught fire but all are unconscious. She gets stuck in the van with her hand cuffed. She uses the grease to remove her hand from the cuff and escapes. She comes out of the van and shouts for help but none is present. She with difficulty drags the constables and puts them out of the van. With lots of efforts Vidya saves everyone before the van gets blasted. She thanks God for saving her and runs away.

Both Vivek and Avtaar report to the judge and inspector comes there. He informs about Vidya’s accident and Van getting blasted shocking them. He says they couldn’t find anyone in van.

Judge asks if it’s her plan to escape. He asks them to find her while he issues an arrest warrant. Dharma is getting ready in his new clothes. Parvati brings tea for him. She apologizes him for going against him. She says Vidya has left her and she wants to be with him. He mocks at her for switching sides and asks her to earn his forgiveness by serving him. Parvati agrees and thinks that she can do anything for her daughter.

Vidya comes where with the constables and Vivek gets relieved. The constables support Vidya and explains what happened. They praise her for saving them and not running away.

Judge asks Vivek that he said something while the whole police people are supporting her.

Vivek says that they are saying what they saw and that’s it. Judge asks why didn’t she run away when she had the time. Vidya says that she trusts law and justice and wants to punish Chanda’s murderer. She says that she needs sometime to prove herself and requests him for time to catch the culprits. Lawyer submits the bail papers. Vidya begs for a chance to prove herself innocent. Judge gives a day time for Vidya to prove herself innocent. Vidya thanks Judge and assures that she’ll prove herself innocent. Judge to says that he trusts her to find the truth and prove herself.

Vidya sees Vivek and says that she forgot to inform him about someone giving her chance to escape. She says that the guy also knows well that she’ll come back. She hints that she knows that it’s him who helped while Vivek leaves without a word. Vidya comes to Devgad and everyone looks furious at her. They badmouth about Vivek for leaving Vidya without any punishment. They were about to attack her and Vidya tries running to temple. Pandit too stops her. They blame her for the mishap and Vidya begs them the same time to prove her innocence as given by judge. Vivek lashes out at Anand for sending Vidya alone as villagers can do anything to her. He gets tensed. villagers turn deaf ears to her pleas and gets ready to beat her with stones.

Precap : Villagers beat Vidya with stones. Vivek tries contacting Vidya.