Vidya 14th April 2020 Written Update: A mysterious man helps Vidya

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The episode starts with Nanku singing lullaby for his daughter. He calls Jagat and asks for some good news. He says about Vidya trying hard still none sent their children to school. Nanku gets happy and Jagat leaves. He reminisces his moments with Vidya and continues singing lullaby happily. His wife watches it and Nanku smirks.

Vidya hears songs and starts going there. Ranjana also comes there and everyone fears wishes her. Vivek is introduced in the form of Krishna and Vidya sees him. She prays with folded hands and Ranjana too admires him. The drama takes place.

The scene of Krishna advising Arjun takes place. He gives advise saying that Study gives knowledge and it will clear the crimes of the world. Everyone listens to him carefully and blindly trusts his words. He says about the importance of education. He asks everyone to listen to him carefully. He says that whatever happened, happened for good, whatever is happening is happening for good, whatever will happen will also be good.

He says few more advises and ends saying about the importance of education. He says that body dies but soul doesn’t. He says that studies is soul and asks people to educate everyone. He carefully convinces them to send their children to school and everyone agrees. He says that if there’s vidya then there’s Vivek, if both are present then everything will be alright. Everyone agrees to send their children to school.

Vidya thanks him with eyes and Vivek too sees her and blesses her. Everyone says Vidya the same and she gets happy. Lights goes off and Vivek gets replaced by his cut out. Ranjana too searches for him. Vidya thanks matarani for help and prays with closed eyes. She opens to find Vivek standing in front of her. She gets feared and starts leaving but he says that he’s the one who was present at the stage as Kishan.

He dramatically introduces himself as Prem Pratap Banaraswale. He acts all dramatic and gives him her details and asks her to contact him if needed. She says that she doesn’t need any help and is about to leave. But he stops her and says that he’s the one who collected her posters and placed it on her cycle carrier. He says that he did all this to help her and asks if she doesn’t thank him. Vidya leaves.

Ranjana holds his hands and he looks at her weird. She praises him and asks him to meet her if he needs something. She snatches his details chit and introduces herself. She asks him to meet her at class 2 in the school and Prem looks at her weird. She leaves too.

Dharma is drinking and sees Vidya coming. They start their drama of suicide and Vidya panics. She gets hyper and falls unconscious in panic. They gets shocked and Bablu rushes to call doctor. Doctor injects Vidya and says that she’s hungry for morning and so fainted. They all wait for Vidya to wake up and falls asleep. Next morning they wakes up to find the bed empty. They finds her missing

Precap: Vidya comes to school and Nanku asks about children. Prem wishes Nanku.

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