Vidya 14th February 2020 Written Update: VIVEK’S MOTHER GETS HURT

The episode starts with Vivek saying that she has ruined everything today. Vivek calls his mother out as Vidya is gone. Dharma and the villagers comes furiously with weapons to Vivek’s house. Vidya sees it. His mother blames Vidya for all the mishap happening with him.

Vidya asks Anand to call police and alerts everyone. Vidya comes to house and closes the door. She says that they need to leave as soon as possible. Villagers throws stone inside the house and asks him to come out. Vidya says them to leave as soon as possible.

Nanku is doing pooja. Anand tries handling but everyone beats him. They break open the door while Anand calls the police. Vivek and his mother escape using window and Dharma sees it. He informs other while Nanku thinks that this is the end of Vidya and Vivek.

Vivek is running away with Vidya and his mother. Vivek says that he will take care and asks them to run away. Vivek feels strange. Villagers are running when Vivek steps in front of them. Vivek handles them easily and fights with them. They all run away.

Vivek’s mother blames Vidya for putting her sons life in danger. They both hide and goons come in search of them. They spot their hiding place but both escape. Vivek’s mother wants to go to Vivek despite Vidya stopping her. She pushes her and is about to go. Goons beats her once they spot her.

Vivek’s mother falls down while Vivek comes there with police. He looks shocked at his mother. He shouts at her to wake up only to find her head bleeding. Nanku’s men come to him and informs him about Vivek escaping but hurting his mother.

Nanku says something is fine. Vivek’s mother is getting treated in hospital while Vivek stands worried outside. Doctor comes out and informs that her life is saved but she is about to slip to coma. He says that her body doesn’t co operate with brain. Dharma hears it and gets happy that now Vivek will be against Vidya.

Vivek enters the ward and gets pained seeing his mother’s condition. He asks her to wake up and answer him. Vidya and Vivek cries seeing her condition. He cries hard and begs her to wake up. He apologizes her for not protecting her.

Vidya says that the whole mistake is hers as she couldn’t protect his mother as well as made a mistake by revealing the truth. Dharma watches them from out and thinks that they are going to separate. She asks for forgiveness from him while Vivek watches her. She’s about to apologize but Vivek stops her and lifts her chin and nods no. He says it’s not her fault. He says he said so much in anger to her but the person who stands by truth can never be wrong.

He says its Nanku who made use of the situation by instigating the villagers. He says if its someone else in her place then they wouldn’t have even came back to save them. He says that Nanku made a big mistake by harming his mother and now he will see the worst in him.

Precap : Vidya confesses Parbatiya about the promise.