Vidya 14th January 2020 Written Update: Vivek saves Vidya from village people

Episode begins with Vidya runs from there to save her life but village people follows her and continuously throws the stones at her. She reaches outside her house, her family sees her. But her father in law smiles seeing the scene in front of him. Her mother in law thinks to save her but because of her husband she feels helpless. That time police comes there and rescues Vidya from village people. Police says Vidya have 24 hours to prove her innocence and it’s Court order so everyone should obey. He warns them that they should not try to hurt Vidya. Police gets call from Vivek and says everything is under control now. Vidya comes to know Vivek helped her.

Vidya recalls village people’s taunts and judge’s order. Anand says to Vivek about whatever happened with Vidya. Vivek says him to keep notice her. He says he wants to know how she gonna prove her innocence.

Vidya thinks how to prove her innocence. That time Vivek comes there and asks how she gonna prove her innocence? She says she is in confusion and don’t know what to do. He says before fighting she can’t accept her failure and motivates her. He says it’s her fight and she have to fight .He says he have a hope that she will win. But all these was her imagination.

Vidya comes near temple hiding her face. One lady gives prasad to her. She takes it and considers that as a gods blessing. She says confidently that she will find a way to prove her innocence. She comes to school and imagines Chanda playing there with other students. And she recalls how all students suddenly starts to cry. She comes to the class room and recalls her moments with Chanda. She promises to herself that she will give justice to Chanda and will prove her innocence too. She says she will win this fight for sure. Nanku singh celebrates his victory in jail with his sister.

Vidya reads bhagavat geeta. Someone sees that hiding from her. That time Vidya’s brother comes there and asks why she came alone here? That mystery person runs from there but her brother sees him and follows him but he escapes from Vidya’s brother.

He scolds Vidya and says she should not have come to school alone. She says she came here to collect the evidence. She says to him something. Hearing that he praises her plan. She says truth will win.

Episode ends.