Vidya 15th April 2020 Written Update: Prem brings 101 children to school

Vidya 15th April 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vidya entering the school and Nanku Singh waiting for her. She entered fearfully and stood in front of Nanku. Nanku wishes her for the day as well as for her freedom from the school. He asks for the kids. He asks didn’t nobody listen to you and taunt praises her. He asks her for kids once again and if he not then he has to do her farewell.

He says that the one who can’t succeed themselves what will they teach others. He says that he’s head of the village and cares for everyone. He says that there’s another way to secure a job and the way is to be done by her in private. He once again asks for kids and they hear a voice saying that kids are here.

It’s revealed to be Prem Pratap who brings a hundred children to school. Vidya feels relieved and remembers meeting him yesterday. She joins hands and feels as if he’s her God. Prem takes Nanku’s blessings and Nanku asks who is he. He introduces himself as Prem Pratap Banaras wala and the people in the village asked him to drop the children to school

Nanku asks if it’s he who brought the children but he answers that it’s not him but because of Vidya ji. Nanku gets suspicious while Vidya stands surprised. He says that it’s her who convinced the parents to send their children to school. He says that Vidya Ji is such a down to earth person that she’s keeping quiet after doing so much. Nanku remembers him to be the one in the photo that fell on him.

Nanku fake smiles and says that it’s true that God plays his own games. He asks Tiwari Ji to take admission to the children. He says Vidya that she’s very lucky and gets in his car. While taking a car his car throws a stone on Vidya but Prem holds her on time. They both share an eye lock. Nanku sees their romance and fumes. Vidya comes to sense and leaves immediately while Prem looks on.

Avtaar makes Dharma and Bablu do sit-ups for not taking care of Vidya. They say that they took care of her the whole night but don’t know where she went in the morning. They doubt her to be in school.

Vidya gets happy seeing the children getting admitted happily in school. Santosh praises Vidya for her work. Santosh drops a paper and Vidya follows her to give it back. She hears their talks about money and gets shocked. She gets to know that the government is offering ten lakh to school for bringing a hundred children and it will get divided among various officers.

Santosh gets happy when she gets to know that she’ll get 50 thousand rupees and Tiwari explains that one lakh will go to the bank manager, one lakh for SP, one lakh for education officer and two lakh for Zilla officer. Nanku will get four lakh and the rest one lakh will be shared among them. Vidya hears it and gets shocked as the fund is for buying books and accessories for children. She in panic breaks a pot but escapes. However, Santosh suspects her and Vidya pretends to be teaching.

Precap : Nanku sees Prem holding Vidya arm and fumes while Vidya says Prem that she’s a widow.

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