Vidya 15th February 2020 Written Update: Vivek spoils Nanku’s plan

The episode starts with Vivek saying Vidya that there’s love in them and that results in trust. He says they both have truth in their relationship and they will not lie to each other at any cost. He says none can separate them. He hugs her and Vidya too hugs him back. She then recalls her promise to his mother and backs off.

Vivek says that without her he’s nothing and only she and his mother are the strength of him. He asks if she will be with him forever and Vidya nods yes. Dharma informs Nanku about Vivek’s mother condition and says that she’s now immovable. He says that but their plan to separate Vidya and Vivek failed as Vivek promised Vidya for his love. Nanku fumes hearing it. Soon Jagat gets a letter granting permission to demolish school. Nanku gets happy as now slowly Vidya and Vivek will get separated.

Vidya informs Parbatiya about his mother’s promise. She gets shocked hearing it. Vidya cries saying that she feels bad for hiding such a big thing from Vivek. She says that Vivek loves her truly and she’s deceiving him. Parbatiya says that she needs to say Vivek about it. Vidya says she can’t as he’s already broken with his mother’s condition and she can’t break him.

She says if Vivek gets to know that his mother took a promise from her to stay away from him then he will not tolerate it. She says that once his mother gets alright she’ll reveal al5 the truth to Vivek. Vivek comes there at the same time shocking Vidya. Vidya sighs in relief as Vivek didn’t hear anything. Parbatiya manages the situation. He says Anand is with her and says he came for another important thing. He says the order for demolishing school has arrived.

Vidya asks is there any way to stop it. Vivek says that they can take stay order and he’ll try his best to get the stay order. Vidya asks if he’ll stop them till then. Vivek asks how could she handle alone but Vidya says that she’s not alone and will see to it.

Next morning everyone arrive to demolish school only to find Vidya and children praying at school. Jagat tries stopping her but Guruji stops him saying she’s chanting devotional chants. Jagat says it’s her way to stop them from demolishing school. Nanku supports Guruji as they’ve to wait till the lessons gets complete.

Nanku searches for Vivek and asks Jagat to handle him. Vivek gets stay order from judge. He starts leaving to school while Nanku’s men follow him to stop him. Vidya is still praying. She completes pooja and wonders Where’s Vivek.

Nanku urges everyone to take their kids away while Vidya sits unmoved. Nanku asks her to leave all this as none can save the school now. The jcb comes and is about to demolish when Vivek stops it on time. In flashback its seen Vivek noticing Nanku’s men following him and escapes smartly. Vivek shows stay order papers to Jagat shocking Nanku. Minister too agrees with Vivek.

Precap : Vivek and Vidya search of proofs.