Vidya 16th April 2020 Written Update: Nanku Singh threatens Prem

Vidya 16th April 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Santhosh asking Vidya why she’s sweating so much. She says her face looks as pale as a thief. Santhosh asks did she hear when they were speaking inside. Vidya says that she was only teaching all this while. Santhosh asks children what did Vidya Ji teach till now. They say that children won’t lie and asks again that did she listen to their talks. Vidya gets tensed and Bablu comes there. He says without informing anyone she came here. He gives her food and medicine. Santhosh asks if she’s not well and he says yes. He says that is the reason for her pale face. Santhosh apologizes Vidya for behaving rude and leaves. Vidya sighs in relief.

Prem pays for drama arrangements when Ranjhana calls. She says that she wants to spend time with him from six to two and he agrees. He wonders about her attention to him. He sees Vidya passing by and calls her but due to speaker sound, she couldn’t hear him. He calls out loud and the speaker stops all of a sudden and everyone hears it. Vidya gets embarrassed. Prem asks her she’s not even thanking him even after him helping her. Nanku passes by and sees them talking and fumes. Vidya thanks him for his help and asks him not to speak with her in public like this. She asks what will people think of her. He says that she’s an English teacher and why’s she worried like people with old customs. Jagat asks Nanku why’s he feeling bad. He asks what it is if one lady escapes from his clutches. Nanku warns him and says that he’ll get what he wants no matter what. Vidya starts leaving and Vivek stops her by her arm. Vidya gets reminded of Nanku’s touch and gets angry.

She asks him to behave as she’s a widow and asks why is he behaving this way. She says that all his talks won’t work in this place. She says that she’s already in so much problem and asks him not to add more problems to her. She gets teary-eyed and Prem feels bad. He apologizes but Vidya leaves.

Nanku asks Jagat to hit Prem with his other car and he calls and informs the same. The car comes in full speed and is about to hit him but he saves himself with his heroic act. Nanku fake scolds his driver and Prem asks him to let it go. Nanku indirectly warns Prem and Prem gets doubtful. Nanku says that he’s the head of the village and he’ll do anything to protect it. He adds that he may give his life nor take anyone’s life for its welfare. He says that today he escaped because of luck but luck won’t favor him all the time.

Vidya reaches home and Avtaar enquires that if her family forced her to get a hundred children to school. Vidya looks confused while her in laws signal her to say no. Avtaar keeps asking her and she says no. Avtaar asks why’s she saving these greedy people. However, Vidya says that she’s not lying but she herself wants the children to be educated. She says that she wants them to do something in the future as the life of an uneducated is hell. Nanku challenges Prem to defeat his men and Prem agrees. Vidya informs about what happened in school to Avtaar and Avtaar asks her to stay out of it.

Precap: Tiwari hides kids parents about the money and keeps it in the locker. Vidya sees it

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