Vidya 16th January 2020 Written Update: VIDYA AND AVTAAR FOOLS RANJHANA

The episode starts with Vidya saying that she may or may not meet him at at all. She says that she doesn’t want him to believe her but is just informing him in prior so that he doesn’t blame her for cheating him later on. Vidya leaves but Vivek runs after her and asks her to stop.

Avtaar Singh says that he’s giving a last chance to them to say the truth and threatens the three people. He fake thrashes his own man and also shoots him just to scare them and it works. Tiwari surrenders himself and agrees to spill the beans. Vivek as if she’s sure about what she’s doing and Vidya agrees. He asks her to complete what she has started then. Vidya asks him to wish her best of luck and he does.

Avtaar calls Parvati and asks about Dharma. She says everything is fine. Avtaar says that half their work is over and asks her to be careful. Parvati agrees and turns to find Dharma and gets shocked. Dharma taunts her acting skills. Ranjhana’s men are keeping a track of Vidya on Ranjhana’s saying. They follow her.

Dharma is about to call Ranjhana to say about their plan but Parvati snatches it from him and runs away. Bablu and Dharma tries catching her when Ranjhana calls him.

Parvati puts the mobile in a jug of water and Ranjhana couldn’t contact him. Dharma finds the phone dead and is about to beat Parvati but she hits him with a jug and makes him unconscious. She also locks Bablu inside the room and ties Dharma with rops. Vidya who’s aware of Ranjhana men following her checks for the mic in her dress. She waits for Avtaar Singh.

Ranjhana gets ready to attack Vidya. Avtaar brings Tripathi who says about the truth of Nanku being the master mind of everything. Vidya asks him not to worry. Ranjhans’s men surround them soon. They tie Avtaar’s men. Ranjhana comes there and points gun at Vidya. Tripathi apologizes Ranjhana but Ranjhana scolds him.

Vidya says that it’s them who killed Chanda and Ranjhana says that she’s also going to get killed. Avtaar video records everything while Ranjhana confesses all her crimes. She points gun at Vidya and asks her men to take away Tripathi. Vidya recalls Vivek giving pepper spray for her to save herself from Ranjhana. Vidya bends down to take it but Ranjhana thinks that she’s bowing in front of her. Even Avtaar gets confused. She sprays pepper spray on Ranjhana and catches her with rope.

Ranjhana’s men are about to shoot Vidya but Avtaar catches them. While Avtaar is busy dealing with goons Ranjhana takes b gun and follows Vidya. Vidya finds thorn in her path and falls down because of it. Vidya hides behind brick stack but Ranjhana sees her.

Precap : Ranjhana points gun at Vidya and a gun shot is heard