Vidya 17th January 2020 Written Update: RANJHANA GETS ARRESTED

The episode starts with Vidya waiting for Vivek who assured that he’ll be there. Ranjhana calls out for Vidya. She threatens for her to come outside. Ranjhana is searching Vidya but Vidya hides from her. Vidya finds it difficult to walk and Ranjhana points the gun at her finally.

Ranjhana loads the pistol and is about to shoot Vidya when a gun shot is heard. Inspector who has come with Vivek shot Ranjhana on her hand. Vivek spots wound on Vidya’s foot and asks for first aid box. The other three too gets arrested. Avtaar comes there and hands over the phone containing evidence to the inspector.

Vivek says that they will be punished but Avtaar doesn’t have any hope. Vivek asks him to trust law. They asks who and all with her and Ranjhana says her and the other three. Avtaar says Dharma too but Ranjhana denies as she wants someone from her side to be outside. Avtaar threatens her but Inspector says that he will take care of it and whoever name comes out he’ll arrest them.

Vidya finds it difficult to walk but Vivek gives the first aid kit to her. He’s angry at her but still helps her apply medicine. Vidya ties bandage around the wound. Vidya says that she just witnessed death very close to her when Ranjhana pointed gun at her.

Vivek asks what if he didn’t come on time. Vidya says that she had trust on him and she trusts him more than herself. Vivek says that if he didn’t come on time then her trust would’ve been broken and she’ll be dead right? He says that when someone’s trust gets broken then they will feel the same. Vidya understands that Vivek is referring her. Avtaar asks Vidya to come to hospital and Vivek leaves.

Avtaar and Vidya gets into the car. Avtaar calls someone and says that they’ve 10 minutes time. The van with culprits is stopped by the villagers who attacks Ranjhana and the other three.

Vidya tries stopping them but Avtaar holds her. The inspector and Vivek comes there and stops the villagers who trashes the culprits. Avtaar taunts Vivek. Vivek threatens villagers who denies backing off from killing the culprits. Cold War ensues between Vivek and Avtaar. Vidya reprimand Avtaar but Avtaar stands firm in his point.

Nanku is celebrating in jail when the constable informs him that everything is collapsed. Nanku gets shocked seeing Ranjhana on jail dress.

Nanku asks what and how this has happened and Ranjhana tells him everything. A furious Nanku slaps Ranjhana why didn’t she inform him. He lashes out at her when Kalandi comes with her daughter there. Vidya gets shocked seeing villagers outside her house. They all stand ashamed and apologizes her. Chanda’s mother feels ashamed while Vidya asks them not to apologize as they are not at fault.

Chanda’s mother is about to leave but Vidya stops her. She falls on Vidya’s feet but Vidya hugs her. Vidya asks her to let it go. She recalls her moments with Chanda and cries. Vidya promises to not let any kid suffer anymore. They hail Vidya and take aarti of her. Vidya asks them to send their kids to school and they all agree.

Precap : Vidya receives announcement for exams and worries