Vidya 18th September 2019 Written Update:- Nanku forces Vidya to bring more children to school

The episode starts with Nanku waiting for Vidya. Avtaar comes in his car and sees Vidya praying in temple. He goes to her and asks if something happened again. He says he got a call from their in laws asking about her. Vidya says that she doesn’t want to go to school and says about Nanku Singh. He asks her to not fall weak in front of Nanku Singh. Vidya says that she went to school for her family and cooked for children but still she gets punished. She cries for her fate and is confused about what to do next. Nanku is still waiting for Vidya in school. Jagat gets a call and says that they have to leave now. Nanku asks them to wait but Jagat tries convincing him. However Nanku stands adamant and says that he wants to meet Vidya at any cost. Santosh says Nanku that Vidya didn’t go to her house.

Avtaar says that the can understand her situation but still couldn’t help her. He says that she has to go to school and there’s no other way for her. He says that if she doesn’t go then all of them will be in trouble. He says that Lord Krishna for sure would have sent someone to protect her.

Vidya goes back to school and Nanku gets happy. She enters with hesitation while Santosh and Tiwari discuss about Vidya. Nanku asks Vidya where did she go without informing everyone. He says that he was waiting to gift her for her good job and she left all of a sudden. He asks Tiwari to bring the register and tears off the attendance. He asks to announce leave for the day as teacher herself is absent. Nanku says that he knows that she’s not happy with hus decision. He says that he doesn’t want to run a school with only 30 children and asks her to bring 100 children for the school. He indirectly punishes her by keeping a condition of bringing 100 children for the school and leaves. Vidya stands tensed and worried. Jagat asks Nanku why is he so happy. Nanku says that he will get what he wants. He says thar he doesn’t get his prey fighting but his prey will itself surrenders to him.

Avtaar says that Nanku Singh is aware that she’s unable to bring 100 children and thus kept this condition. He asks her to decide if she wants to go to school or accept her defeat and leave her job. He says that he’s leaving the city for two days and leaves. Dharma forces her to earn and deal with Nanku Singh herself.

Gupta from PWD visits Nanku Singh. He denies supporting Nanku in his wrong doings and Nanku blackmails him with his family. Gupta threatens Nanku Singh and Nanku beats him hard and pushes him into the river. Gupta gets shocked seeing crocodile in river.

Precap : Vivek saves Vidya and Nanku threatens his wife