Vidya 1st May 2020 Written Update: Vidya saves Vivek from false charges

Vidya 1st May 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Avtaar saying Vidya that he didn’t reveal anything to her as she would get worried unnecessarily. He says that they are ordinary people and should behave like one. Vidya says that Vivek will not reveal his true position unless and until he finds proof against Nanku. She asks why didn’t he reveal the truth and save Vivek. Avtaar says that he’s just a normal Vidhayak but Nanku is very powerful. He says that he can’t fight Nanku and advises her to stay away from him too. Vivek asks them to put more pressure while he tightens his grip.

Vidya sees a banner and gets reminded of Vivek. Kids asks if she has come to see Ram Leela too and Vidya nods yes. They asks why did Ram kill Ravan and why are they celebrating the day. Vidya explains that Ram is good character while Ravan is evil one. They burn Ravan in order to signify that we needs to kill the inner evil like jealousy, selfish, lies etc. Kids asks will Ram win today and Vidya says he will. She says that today she’ll kill all the evil inside her. She prays and leaves. Vivek runs away and Nanku comes there. The constables catch Vivek. Vivek and Nanku argue over Ranjhana.

Nanku is furious and blames Vivek for trapping Ranjhana in order to get to him. Vivek says that he can’t do anything to him and also says that it’s not him who trapped his sister. He adds that it’s her who ran at the back of him and invited him alone but he didn’t even lay his finger on her. Vivek mocks Nanku over it and he gets furious. He shouts at Vivek.

Vidya comes there and shouts stop. She says that Vivek was with her at the time of Dm Sharma’s murder and Vivek is innocent. She adds that when he’s with her how could he kill Sharma. Sp asks if she’s aware of what she’s getting herself into as it’s a murder case. Vidya gets tensed for a while but soon composes. She says that she’s aware and Prem is innocent. She says no innocent should be punished and truth will come out soon.

Vivek smiles hearing her. Sp asks if she’ll give the same statement in court and Vidya agrees. Nanku tries scaring Vidya saying that she’s a reputed family daughter in law and what will happen to her image when she comes to court. He asks if she’s not scared of him. Vidya says that she got rid of her fears.

Vivek claps for Vidya. He says truth won today. Nanku asks her to think again as she’s getting into enmity with him for a stranger. Vivek asks him not to threaten Vidya. He says that he was Vidya all the time which means he’s innocent and gets freed. He thanks Vidya for helping him and says that he was sure he would help her. He asks her not to worry as from today he’ll protect her from all evils like Nanku Singh.

He forwards his hand but Vidya just folds her hand to greet him. Vivek says she’s so down to earth despite being educated. He asks her to go safe. The word down to earth kept ringing in her mind. At Vidya’s House Villagers informs Dharma about Vidya’s statement and badmouths about her. Dharma feels insulted and gets furious at Vidya.

Precap : Vidya slaps Nanku un front of Vivek.