Vidya 20th April 2020 Written Update: Vidya to expose the corruption

Vidya 20th April 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Santosh reopening school enters and enters with Ranjhana behind her. Ranjhana forcefully takes the keys from Santosh and asks her to leave. Santosh questions her but Ranjhana shuts her off and sends her away. Vidya hides watching it. She sees Prem entering and Santosh teases him. Prem is about to enter Vidya’s class but Ranjhana calls him on time. She holds his hand and drags him inside office room.

Ranjhana flirts with Prem while Vidya sneaks in hiding. Ranjhana touches him inappropriate and Vidya thinks bad about them. Prem feels uncomfortable with her. Prem asks her the reason for calling him there. Vidya sees the keys kept on the table. In the meantime Maa ji scolds Bablu for not cleaning properly. Nanku Singh visits Vidya’s home.

Nanku asks Dharma about Vidya who says that she hasn’t arrived from school yet. He sees Ram Singh’s photo. He extends his condolences for Vidya and the family. He gives ten thousand rupees to honour Ram and Ram’s sacrifice. Ranjhana forcefully places Prem’s hand on her waist and seduces him while Vidya steals the keys. She leans forward to kiss him but Prem stops her. She says he loves her while Prem stops her advances and says that her love doesn’t have any genuine feelings. Prem denies her love for him. He says that classroom is like temple and one shouldn’t behave this way in temple.

Vidya opens the locker and takes the money from it. She hesitates doing it and apologizes God for stealing. Nanku forcefully keeps the money on Dharma’s hand. He says that from today he’ll fulfill all the duties of Ram Singh. He gives five thousand more and says that till he’s alive he’ll fund their family making them happy.
Prem starts leaving but Ranjhana forcefully back hugs him. Vidya while leaving sees their position and feels disgusted at them and leaves. Ranjhana forcefully throws herself on Prem but Prem pushes her.

Ranjhana threatens him with Nanku’s name but Prem stands unaffected. She threatens to call the village but Prem gives it back to her saying that its her who will suffer if villagers gets to know about her. He leaves while Ranjhana fumes.

Vidya visits Avtaar Singh and gives him the money and Avtaar gets shocked. Santosh sees Ranjhana leaving and asks about the keys to her. She scolds her and leaves. Santosh sees the locker opened and gets shocked. Avtaar gets shocked and worries about Nanku Singh knowing about Vidya stealing the money. Nanku too gets to know about the theft and gets shocked.

Precap: Santosh promises Nanku that it’s not her who stole the money. Tiwari too expresses his belief on Tiwari. Vidya visits home to find Prem there.

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