Vidya 21st February 2020 Written Update: Vivek proposes Vidya for marriage

The episode starts with Vivek asking his unconscious mother to see the TV about his and Vidya news. He says that he has full trust that she will clear her boards.

Kaka informs him that Anand has come to meet him and he leaves. Anand congratulates him and says about his wife’s education and asks for his help. Vivek praises him for concentrating so much about his wife’s education. Vivek finds a solution recalling Anand’s words and gets happy.

Vidya is making rangoli for mahashivratri celebrations. People are happily working on preparing sweets and Baang. Dharma and Bablu are drinking Baang. Dharma says that their condition has become so worse that nothing can be done now. Vidya informs children the story of Mahashivratri.

Vivek comes there and everyone goes to welcome him. He wishes them for mahashivratri and they wishes back. They thank him for helping them everytime and calls him the son of the village.

They honour him with arti but Vivek stops them and asks them to not do things which are done to God. A kid asks whether she has kept vrat for Mahashivratri and she shies. Vivek comes there and kids wishes him to. Vivek calls Vidya aside for some important thing.

Vivek says that he has found a way and says that he wants to marry her. He says that it’s the only way as after marriage her address will change and she can give exams. Vidya looks shocked while Bablu hears it hiding. Vidya recalls her promise for his mother. Vivek says that he thought she’ll be happy knowing about marriage but she’s just keeping quite.

Bablu informs Dharma about Vivek’s proposal. Dharma decides to inform Nanku Singh about Vidya being uneducated and still Vivek made her principal. They decides to earn profit with the piece of news and leaves. Pooja takes place and everyone are praying. Guruji asks Vivek and Vidya to do arti first and they does. Vidya is still worried.

Dharma comes to Nanku and informs him about Vidya’s truth. They demand crores from him. Nanku wakes up hearing it. Nanku says that he will not leave them. He also informs about Vivek making her principal despite knowing her truth. Nanku presses their neck when they asks for money.

At other side they complete pooja and Vidya asks kids to break their vrat taking blessings from Shiv ji. She feeds everyone. Doctors and Nurses comes and releases them from Nanku’s hold. Kalandi and Jagat too gets shocked seeing his condition. Doctor injects him and Jagat asks what are they doing there.

Doctor says that Nanku has lost is mental balance shocking everyone. Jagat sends them out. A villager informs about Nanku’s condition to everyone and they all celebrate except Vidya and Vivek. Guruji says Shiv ji has given punishment for his mistake. Vivek once again asks Vidya for her answer.

Vidya says that it’s all happening so fast. Vivek says that one day they need to get married and it’s needed for her to give exam. Vidya says about Mamta’s condition. Vivek says that they will just do court marriage but Vidya leaves without listening him.

Precap : Vidya and Vivek dances when a girl calls for Vivek.