Vidya 22nd April 2020 Written Update: Vidya prepares for the next day’s inspection

Vidya 22nd April 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vidya Avtaar taking Vidya to help her study. Santosh greets her and Avtaar asks her to read. On the other hand Nanku comes home angrily and slaps Ranjhana furious. When Ammaji asks what happened Jagat says whatever happened to her. Nanku scolds Ranjhana and warns her.

Prem finds car outside and wonders what’s happening inside. He tries sneaking in but spots Avtaar’s men and hides. Prem decides to find the truth and makes some excuse. In the meantime Avtaar starts teaching Vidya. All of a sudden Avtaar’s man comes to him and informs him about fire in the fields. Avtaar gets worried and wonders what to do as he needs to teach Vidya.

Avtaar brings his nephew Gappu to teach Vidya as he needs to go. He informs Gappu that Vidya is illiterate and asks him to teach her properly. Dharma gers milk for Gappu and everyone treats him good. Vidya studies whole night with the help of Gappu.

The next day morning, she starts praying for her to remember everything whatever Gappu taught her. She leaves to school. On the other hand Ammaji takes aarti of Nanku and Jagat informs Nanku about the minister. Nanku says that it’s the power of him and says that the minister didn’t do right by calling him a thief. He says that today he’ll end his life as punishment for him.

On the way to school Vidya sees Prem who’s sleeping under the bamboo shade. The bamboo starts falling and Vidya holds it before it hits Prem. Prem wakes up seeing Vidya and thanks her for helping him. He says that he’ll help her in return but Vidya denies his help. He says that Avtaar has visited her home and asks what’s the problem.

Vidya shouts at him and leaves. Prem gets someone’s call. He asks for some more time as the situation is not in his favour. Nanku is present in school. Tiwari and everyone gets worried seeing him.

On the other hand Dharma wakes up Parbatiya. Avtaar comes there and finds Gappu sleeping with the book. He takes the book and reads it. Vidya too comes to the school.
Precap : Dm scolds Vidya asking her not to be very happy.