Vidya 23rd April 2020 Written Update: Avtaar bribes Dm to hide the truth

Vidya 23rd April 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dm pointing out all the mistakes from toilet to maintenance to Nanku while Nanku smirks looking at him. Dm asks the teachers to teach the subjects. First Tripathi teaches and he teaches well too. However Dm wants to trap him in order to put down Nanku.

He asks some difficult questions to him and Tripathi gets caught. He asks Tripathi to do sit-ups as punishment and children laughs at him. Vidya gets worried seeing Dm scolding Tripathi and shivers. In the meantime, Prem comes to school but Santosh sends him away. Prem leaves irked.

Avtaar wakes up Gappu and scolds him for teaching everything wrong to Vidya. He holds his ears while Gappu winces in pain. Avtaar leaves hurried to check on Vidya. Vidya starts teaching and writes Apil instead of Apple. Nanku and Dm gets shocked seeing her teaching Apple spelling. Nanku signs Jagat something. Vidya continues writing the wrong spelling Monday for Monday and Mego for Mango. Dm thinks that all the illiterates are in school. Avtaar reaches and Prem asks what’s happening there. Avtaar excuses him saying that he came to meet Dm.

Avtaar comes there and finds Vidya written everything wrong and gets shocked. On the other hand, Vidya worries whether she taught right. Dm greets Avtaar and asks what’s he doing there. Avtaar says that Vidya is like his sister and her deceased husband is his childhood friend. Dm says that’s the reason he has helped her and praises Vidya that she’s too good shocking everyone.

Avtaar wonders why’s Dm lying. In the meantime Nanku plans something sinister for Dm. Dm calls Avtaar for a private talk. Vidya goes to Dm and asks if she taught well. Dm praises her and says that she did well. Vidya gets happy and promises to teach the kids well. Avtaar understands that Vidya doesn’t know what she did. Avtaar sends her away. Vidya goes and gets stopped by Nanku. He says that she’s not fool to not understand his hints. Vidya goes without answering. Jagat asks whom should they concentrate on. Vidya or Dm? Nanku asks him to wait and watch.

On the other hand Bablu plans to take Dharma and Parbatiya to Mumbai but Dharma scolds him. He tries hitting Bablu but Parbatiya comes in between and gets hurt galling unconscious. Tiwari thanks Vidya for saving the schools grace by teaching right. Santosh mocks Tiwari that if his legs are paining due to situps but Tiwari shuts her. Avtaar gives money to Dm and asks him to not reveal anyone that Vidya is illiterate.

Precap : Vidya informs Prem that it’s her who stolen the money. Prem makes a shocking revelation that he’s Vivek Vardhan, the new district magistrate of Azamgarh